RGAeX proprietary ranking and score algorithm is designed to outperform benchmarks. Algorithm RGAeX is a smart, data dependent and rule-based decision-making tool. RGAeX uses comparative analysis, big data and information in mathematical models to research and analyze financial assets. The Algorithm outputs scores and rankings. Multidisciplinary methodologies are used which include research of financial statements, fundamental data analysis, valuation, growth, profitability, and cash flow, as well as technical analysis. We study markets and industry, prices, momentum and trend, analyst data, owners, management, trading activity, capital structures and financial stability. We use a variety of methods to evaluate risk. RGAeX Algorithm is embedded with AI Interpretation and optimization solutions as well as back testing capabilities to develop strategies. Our Algorithm provides real-time decision-making tools for research and education to assist decision makers to establish, monitor, and maintain strategies using RGAeX research, data interpretation, processes, and methodologies.